I often find myself lost in a crowd, shy, introverted and envious of people who can strike up a conversation with strangers. I would believe that the world belongs to them. I often would stand in the corner and observe this hectic social space.

The urban space changed me, it challenged me to communicate and connect with a new world of artists and art spaces. I had to move out of my comfort zone and be open to strangers who became acquaintances, friends or lovers.

An opportunity to travel on a residency project to Germany changed my notion about the world and the human relationships. It changed my perception about relationships, family and being single. It was a world that opened out and I found “single” men and women in the urban landscape, living in large apartments. I had conversations with them about their relationships, broken marriages or the idea of having multiple relationships without the commitment of marriage.

Photographs of single people in a landscape mirrored my fear of being alone. Since childhood I was afraid of loneliness and being judged by others. It made me vulnerable and fragile. I am in search of others who understand me and accept me for what I am.

These photographs of single humans in an urban landscape are a state of being. A reality that was strange to my sensibility. I became a silent voyeur who captured the quiet moments of calm and contemplation of strangers.

Imagine a human system of thoughts as waves continuously flowing in a SPACE. Now as long as these waves are not interfered or hindered they continue to flow and the person is free

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Connecting Roots

One part of vast KR market in Bangalore is dedicated to flowers, flower sellers & buyers. It is a spectacle of color and fragrances. It is also a map of a fragile economy that maps people and places which connects the sacred and profane beyond religion.

Walking around in this area is a different experience, one can feel the smell of Jasmine flowers and sellers and buyers having conversations in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

It’s obvious for a person like me to wonder from where all these Jasmine flowers coming from?

And the hands working behind this wonderful scene and creation

I started visiting the city market everyday and had conversations with the sellers; they told me that the flowers are coming from Tamilnadu.

I met Pandy one young boy who is very friendly and he introduced me to Vijayan(one of the driver among many who carries jasmine flowers in jeep from Krishnagiri(Tamilnadu) to KR market(Bangalore)  I became friend with him and he showed me where the flowers are coming from and the hands behind the scene. I travelled to Krishnagiri in the same jeep to the farmland and documented their fascinating life and work. I wish to capture their lives, aspiration and conversations.

It is an attempt to connect the people profession and their skill to make visible the informal labor and net work that maps fragile fragrances in the city and the village

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